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Platinum Review – The Wolf Among Us: Season 1 (PS3)

Platinum number five is similar to number one, The Walking Dead: Season 1.  The difference is that I played this Telltale game on PS3 rather than my Vita, and the experience, while still chippy, was much better.  I also found the story more interesting as well, so that improved my overall enjoyment immensely.

Best Trophy:  A Silver Bullet (Bronze) — most of the trophies in this game are chapter markers, for whatever that’s worth, and this one is no different.  That said, the showdown between Bigby and Bloody Mary was so good, so epic, that it really overshadowed the remaining chapters of this final episode.

Worst Trophy: Master Librarian (Gold) — while I bemoaned that The Walking Dead: Season 1 was an automatic Platinum, this is not the case with The Wolf Among Us: Season 1.  Extra care is needed to unlock the Book of Fables entries for each episode, which you typically do by being thorough in dialogue choices or in searching areas.  (So far, so good.)  However, there are a couple of times that you need to actually make two different, mutually exclusive choices at key moments to see each version of events.  What’s frustrating is that I like how Telltale has tried to make it feel like your playthrough is your definitive version of the story.  (Hence the importing of decisions from chapter to chapter and season to season.)  By requiring you to reload a chapter and play through it again a second time so that you may pick a different option undermines that.  The result is that I now have two versions in my head of how something happened, making the story less mine.

Special Mention Trophy: The Enchanted Land of New York City (Silver) — the trophy marks the first showdown between Bigby and Bloody Mary, but also provides some major resolution to the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum plot thread.  Awesome stuff.  After this, you just know that Bigby and Mary are headed on a collision course.


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9 March 2015 at 12:35 am

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