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Platinum Review – Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (PS Vita)

One of the best advantages to the PlayStation ecosystem is something called cross-buy: many titles, especially small-studio ones, will include a game’s release on every platform for which it’s available.  In this situation, I purchased Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition and received Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition for free.

The Vita Edition is a bit of a mix of the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game: like the PS3 Edition, this version features a single map-sized world (8642 meters), whereas the PS4 is 36x larger than this.  However, the Vita Edition takes its trophy list from the PS4, which is longer and is thus slightly more difficult.

Best Trophy: Zombie Doctor (Gold) — healing a Zombie Villager of its affliction is actually a complex process that requires a good understanding of multiple game mechanics.  You need a Golden Apple (which means you have to mine for Gold and chop down Oak Trees), a Splash Potion of Weakness (which means a trip to the Nether to build a potion stand), and a covered area to trap a Zombie Villager in and protect it from the sunlight (which typically requires building and planning on your end).

Worst Trophy: Passing the Time (Bronze) — this trophy is borderline dreadful.  It’s one you should eventually pickup by just playing, but the idea of passing 100 days in-game is kind of obnoxious on a portable device that you will probably use to drop in and out of in brief stints.  And you can’t accelerate these 100 days by sleeping through the night: the game literally requires you to play for 30 hours in realtime.  Unless you’re especially dedicated, this one will take weeks to acquire.

Special Mention Trophy: Renewable Energy (Bronze) — I like this one a lot because smelting wood trunks into charcoal makes all the sense in the world to me, since trees are plentiful and easily accessible in the game.  Amazingly, only 29.4% of players have this trophy.  Seriously, are the other 70.6% only using coal?  That’s a lot of mining.

Rating: A — I’m actually rating this one slightly higher than the PS3 Edition even though “Passing the Time” is worse than “Return to Sender” (my least favorite from before).  The new trophies more than make up for it, etching out a comprehensive map for players to follow to really learn the many different aspects of Minecraft.

Written by Michael

15 September 2015 at 8:00 pm