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Snap Judgment – Limbo (PS3)

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Limbo (PS3)

Limbo might be the most sadistic and unforgiving game I’ve played in years, maybe ever.  And it’s wonderful.

You play a silhouetted boy who awakens in a grimly dark forest, alone and without any backstory.  (Throughout the game, you get the sense that you’re trapped in limbo, as the title suggests, and you’re trying to escape it and return to what many theorize is your sister.)

Part puzzler, part platformer, Limbo challenges you with some truly dastardly traps.  It’ll feel like half your mistakes result in your cartoonishly horrifying death.  (Again, you’re just a silhouette, so there’s no gore.  But man, watching yourself get impaled on spikes or crushed by a giant boulder or chopped asunder by saws is still mortifying.)  Oh, and you’ll die often.  Probably two to three dozen times at least, which is saying something since the game is only two to three hours long.  And you’ll be disturbed by how entertaining this can sometimes be.

Thankfully, it’s largely forgiving with your deaths, respawning you close to where you died so you don’t have to repeat large sections of platforming or puzzling, though this isn’t always perfect.  (You’ll say, “Really?” more than once.)

Even though I’ve made this sound more like an ordeal than a fun play through, Limbo is rewarding in itself, as you master these areas.  And despite how unfair some of the traps may feel, you can get good at them — my brother was able to get a Trophy for beating the game with fewer than five deaths.  Even though this took multiple attempts, this still astounds me.

In any case, I highly recommend this artful, stylish title, filled with its magnificent sound design and atmosphere.  Prepare to be chased by a giant spider, electrocuted, crushed, sawed in half, and have your mind bent by physics puzzles that use gravity, magnetism, and your shear platforming skill.  A


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4 November 2013 at 10:09 am

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