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Snap Judgment – Contrast (PS4)

Contrast, from Compulsions Games, is in a word, enchanting.  You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend – as it were – of the story’s young protagonist, Didi.  Over the course of the games three-act story, you accompany and aid Didi in her quest to save help her father redeem himself and learn the truth about her parents’ past against the backdrop of an unnamed, 1920s-era Parisian-stye city.  The primary gameplay mechanic employed here is Dawn’s ability to shift in and out of shadows, which is used to great effect in the game’s many puzzles.  The heavy use of lighting and shadows, combined with the era its set in, gives the game a very noir feel, which makes it fairly unique in PS4’s library.

Contrast isn’t long: HowLongtoBeat.com rates it as 3.5 hours, which sounds about right.  Despite it’s brevity, the game’s story feels tight, so I wouldn’t necessarily want it to be longer.  At $14.99, it’s a fair buy if you’re looking for something different.  Gameplay-wise, it handles well enough, though there’s a looseness to the control of Dawn that I found a bit difficult to gain fine-tuned control over, but mistakes are easily overcome in most puzzles.  Moreover, this is one of the rare games that finding all the collectibles is worth your time, as it helps to clarify the game’s clever reveal at the climax.  (They are easy enough to locate by exploring the environments.)

When Contrast first debuted, it was taken to task for having a lot of frustrating bugs; I’m happy to report that these are seemingly fixed now, as I ran into none of them during my time with it.  I found it enjoyable, and I think everyone should give it a look.  B


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24 March 2014 at 10:45 am

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