Platinum Review – Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (PS3)

My third Platinum was the one I felt like I needed to do just purely to make a statement about my Minecraft cred — I have purchased and played this game on PC, Xbox 360, and iOS, in addition to this release.  And I’m going to pay the $5 fee to upgrade this to play on PS4, too.  Obsessed much?

Most of the trophies in the PS3 Edition are ones you would earn through the natural course of Survival Mode, especially if you make a point of completing The End.  There are a few oddballs, though, so don’t be surprised when you’re tasked with running an insanely large rail through the overworld in one direction for one of these.

Best Trophy: The End. (Gold) — even though many people are surprised a game like Minecraft even has an ending, I enjoy that the folks at Mojang (and 4J Studios in this incarnation) have created a complex enough quest to seem worthy. You have to harvest a few rare resources and build the most advanced equipment you can to outlast the Enderdragon, which feels appropriate.  That said, the console version of this boss is a bit less daunting than the PC incarnation, as this one lacks the ability to knock you off the island and into the Void.  The acid breath attack is very cool, but I wish it weren’t the only ability the dragon had.

Worst Trophy: Return to Sender (Gold) — while there’s something very satisfying about killing a Ghast with its own fireball, the spawn rates for Ghasts in this edition are extreme enough that this trophy can present a true exercise in patience (and masochism), as your target’s buddies will try to blow you away while your focus is engaged on only the one.

Special Mention Trophy: When Pigs Fly (Gold) — this trophy is so goofy that it deserved a mention.  The notion of saddling a pig and then discovering you can’t control it, effectively making it useless, is so perfectly Minecraft that there’s little else to say.  (The PC Edition added carrots on sticks eventually, but this is still lacking here.)

Rating: A-  — as I mentioned before, most of the trophies will come naturally through playing the game, and I kind of appreciate that.  But I’m especially glad they’re not automatic, as they were in The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season.  There are ridiculous ones in this title (like killing a skeleton from 50 meters away, nearly the distance it would despawn at), but that’s okay and expected.  I’m excited to do this again for the PS4.

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31 August 2014 at 11:40 am

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